1-phase Hybrid 3.6kWp solar with 9.6kWh lithium ion kit

R146, 999 incl VAT excl Installation

solar PV kit contents
  • GoodWe 4.6kW ES Hybrid inverter
  • 9.6kW Pylon Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery Cabinet
  • Fuse Switch Disconnector
  • Mounting Structure for Panels
  • 10 x Tier One PV Panels 360-Watt
  • AC-DC Cabling and Trunking
 This kits EXCLUDES labour, electrical certificate of compliance and system registration costs. Mounting Structure is estimated and subject to roof type and angle. Costs also exclude any electrical work required for compliance prior to installing the solar system.
All quoted prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in supplier pricing and exchange rates.
about this kit

Hybrid systems are designed to combine solar panels with battery power to provide a solution that saves money and provides protection against continued load-shedding.

The hybrid inverter combines a 4.6kWp grid inverter and a battery inverter with a 4.5kW draw capability. Our battery capability is bigger than most hybrid inverters on the market. 

These systems provide solar during the day to the house load and charges the batteries, which it can use during the day, if possible, to increase savings. The system will also cycle the batteries in the evening, again to increase savings.

Reserve levels for the batteries are set according to the level of load shedding being experienced or the time of year, winter or summer.
We use lithium ion batteries in our hybrid systems as they are cycled daily and perform better with solar systems, compared to lead acid batteries. They also last longer, which means lower replacement costs going forward.

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GoodWe 4.6kW ES Hybrid inverter

Pylon 9.6kW Lithium Ion Battery