3.0kW inverter with 1 x 4.8kWh lithium ion battery

split board power kit

R41, 999 incl VAT excl splitting of DB board

kit contents
  •  East 3.0kW off-grid Inverter
  • 1 x Averge 4.8kW 100Ah 4U Lithium Battery
  • Installation fittings
  • Server case

NOTE: Splitting of DB board not included.

All quoted prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in supplier pricing and exchange rates.

The brand of lithium ion battery supplied may vary depending on supplier availability.

about this kit

These UPS systems are designed to provide instant cover, during load shedding, to large portions of your property. An electrician will need to identify, and then split out, your essential plug and light circuits.

This essential board will then be protected by a wall mounted, off-grid, 3.0kW inverter and connected to a 4.8kWh lithium ion battery.

It is possible to add more batteries to this system to provide longer protection, if the loads or the level of load shedding increases.

splitting the board

You will need to decide which plug and light circuits you want to keep on the essential side, and then size the inverter accordingly.

We are happy to assist and can discuss this with you or the electrician.

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East 3kW off-grid inverter

Averge 4.8kW 100Ah 4U lithium battery