Xtend Element with 1.5kW Inverter Kit

geyser plus day load, no backup

R23, 899 incl VAT excl Installation

solar PV kit contents
  • Solis 1.5kW Mini 4G Single Tracker
  • Current Transformer for Solis
  • DIN Rail Digital Geyser Timer
  • 4 x Tier 1 PV (photovoltaic) 350W-365W solar panels
  • Xtend 2kW Element
  •  Mounting Structure (based on a corrugated roof)
  • Electrical parts & wiring
This kits EXCLUDES labour, electrical certificate of compliance and system registration costs. Mounting Structure is estimated and subject to roof type and angle. Costs also exclude any electrical work required for compliance prior to installing the solar system.

All quoted prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in supplier pricing and exchange rates.
about this kit

This system is designed to feed power into your main board and, using a timer, will heat your geyser during the day.  Unlike conventional solar hot water systems or heat pumps, once the geyser is hot, the solar panels continue to benefit the property providing electricity to day loads.  This means greater efficiency and savings, especially with the bigger inverter and an additional 2 x panels.